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# The url to the websocket is defined in the wsUrl variable in App.vue. Originally it gets the websocket
# port from /api/config and uses that to define wsUrl.
# This variable is only used in one place, and only once.
# Instead of having to maintain a whole fork of Owntone, or a patch, we just re-define the variable with sed.
# Before the variable is used, this will redefine it to be "http[s]://$url/ws" instead, discarding the orignal value.
set -e
sed -i "/const socket = new/ i \ \ \ \ \ \ wsUrl = protocol + window.location.hostname + '/ws'" owntone-server/web-src/src/App.vue
# Show the change.
echo "Redefined wsUrl in App.vue:"
#grep --color=always "wsUrl.*/ws" owntone-server/web-src/src/App.vue
git -C owntone-server/ diff