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set -e
set -x
12 months ago
# we compiled emacs with runpath set to '$ORIGIN/../lib' ($ORIGIN is a
# special token so we can specify a location relative to the
# executable
# Same as running
9 months ago
# $ patchelf --set-rpath '$ORIGIN/../lib' $PREFIX/bin/emacs
# copying some lib files
9 months ago
cp /lib64/ $PREFIX/lib/
cp /usr/lib64/ $PREFIX/lib/
# in the output we see that the binary is dynamically linking the
# files we copied
12 months ago
ldd $PREFIX/bin/emacs
mkdir -p $BUILDS
# make a tarball
12 months ago
rm $BUILDS/czemacs-${VERSION}.tar.gz || true
12 months ago
tar -czf $BUILDS/czemacs-${VERSION}.tar.gz *