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import hmac
import json
import cryptotools
# generate_nodeid() uses SHA256 so this will prevent replay-attacks,
# because every message will have a different nonce.
# It's not nessecary to compare the nonce, HMAC already gives message
# integrety.
nonce = lambda: cryptotools.generate_nodeid()
incr_nonce = lambda env: format(int(env["nonce"], 16) + 1, 'x')
class InvalidSignatureError(Exception):
class InvalidNonceError(Exception):
def make_envelope(msgtype, msg, nodeid):
msg['nodeid'] = nodeid
msg['nonce'] = nonce()
data = json.dumps(msg)
sign =, data)
envelope = {'data': msg,
'sign': sign.hexdigest(),
'msgtype': msgtype}
#print "make_envelope:", envelope
return json.dumps(envelope)
def envelope_decorator(nodeid, func):
msgtype = func.__name__.split("_")[0]
def inner(*args, **kwargs):
return make_envelope(msgtype, func(*args, **kwargs), nodeid)
return inner
# ------
def create_ackhello(nodeid):
msg = {}
return make_envelope("ackhello", msg, nodeid)
def create_hello(nodeid, version):
msg = {'version': version}
return make_envelope("hello", msg, nodeid)
def create_ping(nodeid):
msg = {}
return make_envelope("ping", msg, nodeid)
def create_pong(nodeid):
msg = {}
return make_envelope("pong", msg, nodeid)
def create_getaddr(nodeid):
msg = {}
return make_envelope("getaddr", msg, nodeid)
def create_addr(nodeid, nodes):
msg = {'nodes': nodes}
return make_envelope("addr", msg, nodeid)
# -------
def read_envelope(message):
return json.loads(message)
def read_message(message):
"""Read and parse the message into json. Validate the signature
and return envelope['data']
envelope = json.loads(message)
nodeid = str(envelope['data']['nodeid'])
signature = str(envelope['sign'])
msg = json.dumps(envelope['data'])
verify_sign =, msg)
#print "read_message:", msg
if hmac.compare_digest(verify_sign.hexdigest(), signature):
return envelope['data']
raise InvalidSignatureError