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# reddit-communities2
Some years ago I made [reddit-communities]( that looked at how subreddits were connected through the links on their sidebars.
Now I want to see how subreddits are connected based on where their users are active. That will be a lot more data, and this time I'll make a nicer presentatino. The data from the former project still exists, and could be presented in the same format. I hear theres nice JS plugins you can just plug the data into.
DISCLAIMER: This is purely a weekend/evening hack project.
## Current status
Looking at the crazy side of reddit:
$ pipenv run python --seed-subreddit the_donald
Checking where users from /r/the_donald also post...
[('The_Donald', 1734),
('worldpolitics', 51),
('Conservative', 35),
('Kanye', 23),
('PublicFreakout', 21),
('politics', 20),
('Full_news', 17),
('AskReddit', 13),
('hiphopheads', 12),
('funny', 12)]
More chill: