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Build Status git github matrix BSD-3-Clause-No-Military-License

Custom builds of assorted software. Some smaller projects live directly in this repo, but most have their own repos. It is a lot easier to work with CI systems that expect a 1:1 relationship between builds/projects and git repos.


these builds are working (in use in the infra) and can in theory be publicly used:

project upstream notes
airconnect :github: philippe44/AirConnect docker only
blink1 :github: todbot/blink1-tool for the blink(1)
emacs :git: compiles emacs from source and publishes as .deb packages for ubuntu and debian (published on
hass :github: home-assistant/core
hydrogen-web :github: vector-im/hydrogen-web builds as static html/jss/css files, packaged as.deb. package (published on
jellyfin-tizen :github: jellyfin/jellyfin-tizen
jenkins :github: jenkinsci/jenkins
owntone :github: owntone/owntone-server
playonlinux PlayOnLinux
shairport :github: mikebrady/shairport-sync docker only
socat-dns N/A using socat to forward the dns server for a bridged docker network
synapse-admin :github: Awesome-Technologies/synapse-admin

in progress / not ready

these builds are not ready yet, and are at various stages of 'in progress':

project upstream notes
calibre-web :github: janeczku/calibre-web
framework-ectool :github: DHowett/framework-ec
jellyfin-web :github: jellyfin/jellyfin-web
lldap :github: nitnelave/lldap
shields :github: badges/shields

Adding submodules

New submodule:


# add submodule to track a branch
git submodule add -b $branch $url

# update submodule
git submodule update --remote

change existing submodule to track a branch


# change the submodule defintion in the parent repo
git config -f .gitmodules submodule.${submodule}.branch $branch

# and make sure the submodule itself is actually at that branch
cd $submodule
git checkout $branch
git branch -u origin/$branch $branch