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the ansible repo for the infrastructure.

theres a lot of useful (and not so useful) scripts in this repo, that are too short/simple to be their own "project", and they're sometimes Jinja2-templated for convenience (though i usually prefer to template configs and not code).

this repo also deploys/orchestrates a bunch of "projects":

  • zflux: a zeromq queue in front of influxdb to be resillient against network errors

  • notflixbot: a "custom" matrix bot written with nio (async python matrix library) and has webhooks.

  • matrix-smtp-webhook: a dead simple python daemon to read SMTP messages and forward to the notflix http webhookk, great for cron mail.

  • archives: file listing with proxy auth

  • shared-jenkins-pipelines

and some docker images that needed customizing or as a way to package .deb: