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Recent changes: 2023-12 (!12)
hass-core: gitea

users: ansible tag for updating authorized_keys

www: canonical urls and gitea robots

haproxy: redirect

www: canonical header for index.html pags in /docs

www: redirects

saned: link from 2022

www: firefox page changed url

401, 403 pages, split server names, redirect alt domains

gitea; redirect bing found was needed

hass-esphome: disable active bleproxy

hass-core: last_cleaned

www: canonical only on 200

statidc sitemap

www: canonical header for an url google found

ansible: removed qutoes from ansible_managed

coturn: updated and cleaded up

edge: added role coturn to edge systype

matrix-synapse: coturn

hass-core: prevent esphome 'binary_sensors.occupancy_' from triggering while away

gitea: agressively clean 'data/gitea/repo-archive'

hass-core: adding attributes for study outlets

hass-esphome: bend argparse

hass-esphome: show subs

www: prepare redirects

chantge preppped redirect

hass-core: fix typo

hass-core: potato

gitea: enable push to create

link to debian wiki page

hass-appdaemon: fix dir owneship for redis

mainframe: convergence, small initial fixes

mainframe: move convergence scripts

mainframe: fix permissions on convergence scripts

mainframe: convergence argument parsing

hass-core: two simple long-time ideas written down

hass-core: more potato

hass-core: noop placeholder fan in placeholder groups to keep entity_ids

hass-core: templated switch

hass-core: renamed sensor

mainframe: prep more redirects

hass: link hass-deconz role

hass: move appdaemon

hass: fix links to docs site

pihole: adlists but they are not managed in files anymore

airconnect: fix handler tasks

ansible: json indent

hass-core: cleanup of README

hass-core: make sensor return last value when charging and the attribute is '0'

hass-core: add attribute with source value

Reviewed-on: b/infra#12
Co-authored-by: Ben Kristinsson <>
Co-committed-by: Ben Kristinsson <>
2024-01-04 18:23:37 +00:00
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