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Scanning North Korea

Daily port scans of the three North Korean IP networks. Not really sure what to do with this yet...

A lot of this looks like honey pots.


  • Star KP:
  • KTPC:
  • StarGate:


17/04/2015: Added the StarGate network and added -P0 and -oG on all network scans. Also moved scanning time from 06:00 (GMT+9) to 12:00 (GMT+9) in hopes of catching more interesting network clients.

18/04/2015: Removed -P0, it was taking too long.

20/04/2015: I'm probably on a list in NK now.

Interesting ports

Humans like even numbers and I've found that there are several hosts listening for something on ports 10000, 20000, 30000, 50000.