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this is a home monitoring system written in Python and using ZeroMQ.

NOTE: this project will be renamed, most likely to roomie.

sudoisbot in grafna

FAQ: why zmq? dont you know about mqtt?

because i wanted a project to learn zeromq. i am aware of mqtt and that it is designed for things like this.

what is running where?

as this project hasnt been actively worked on for a while, things have drifted a little bit. here are some notes for myself.

  • the sensors are most likely running on commit 52462cb3d9 (tagged as prod-sensors).

  • the sink component was running on commit c5e9d2b412 (also tagged as prod-sink and branched as prod-sink as well).

    this is no longer true, sink is running off the main branch as of commit 0287dc1969

  • zflux: a buffering proxy (using zmq) to gracefully handle network failures, and can also do load balancing.

  • shared-jenkins-pipelines: jenkins delcarative pipelines, including the poetry.groovy pipeline used to build this project.


  • proxy
  • sink
  • sensor
  • apis