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poetry-bumpversion and working around PEP 440 errors

install the poetry-bumpversion plugin as per the poetry docs, since it isnt part of the poetry repo, but the poetry setup on the system:

poetry self add poetry-bumpversion

poetry 1.2.0 is a lot more careful/specific about version numbers, if you get an error like

Invalid PEP 440 version: '1.1build1'

that means that poetry found a package installed on your system that doesnt follow PEP 440 versioning.

use python3 -m pip freeze to find which package it is. on Debian and Ubuntu it is likely to be a package installed by apt (intalled in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages), and in this case the package is distro-info.

$ python3 -m pip freeze | grep "build1"
$ apt-cache policy python3-distro-info
  Installed: 1.1build1

so the ubuntu package python3-distro-info is installed into dist-packages with an uncompliant version string.

install poetry with pipx

following the docs, first install pipx:

python3 -m pip install --user pipx
python3 -m pipx ensurepath

# on ubuntu, to get `ensurepip`:
sudo apt-get install python3.10-venv

and then install poetry into a pipx managed venv:

pipx install poetry

this will create a virtual environment at ~/.local/pipx/venvs and install poetry there. it also creates a symlink at ~/.local/bin/poetry:

# which poetry

and then just add the poetry-bumpversion plugin:

poetry add poetry-bumpversion

now it works, the poetry-bumpversion plugin updates files according to our settings in pyproject.toml:

$ poetry version patch
Bumping version from 0.4.10 to 0.4.11

$ git status --short
 M pyproject.toml
 M sudoisbot/

since pipx doesnt care about dist-packages, the ubuntu-maintened dist-packages was ignored, since pipx doesnt look at it (being in a venv).

workaround for poetry installed with pip

you can run poetry inside its own managed venv, because that wont have access to the site-packages by default.

check the value of virtualenvs.options.system-site-packages

$ poetry config virtualenvs.options.system-site-packages

if you need to change it:

poetry config virtualenvs.options.system-site-packages false

now you can use it like this:

$ poetry run python3 -m poetry self add poetry-bumpversion
$ poetry run python3 -m poetry version patch
Bumping version from 0.4.10 to 0.4.11

and it will have updated the files you configured it to update in pyproject.toml (usually $package/

unfortuately it doesnt help to add it to your projects dependencies, your local site-packages with --user or install into the venv that poetry manages, since poetry self doesnt use that (unless we pull a fast one poetry and run it from within its own venv).