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Synapse admin ui

This project is built using react-admin.


Supported Synapse

It needs at least Synapse v1.42.0 for all functions to work as expected!

You get your server version with the request /_synapse/admin/v1/server_version. See also Synapse version API.

After entering the URL on the login page of synapse-admin the server version appears below the input field.


You need access to the following endpoints:

  • /_matrix
  • /_synapse/admin

See also Synapse administration endpoints

Use without install

You can use the current version of Synapse Admin without own installation direct via GitHub Pages.

Note: If you want to use the deployment, you have to make sure that the admin endpoints (/_synapse/admin) are accessible for your browser. Remember: You have no need to expose these endpoints to the internet but to your network. If you want your own deployment, follow the Step-By-Step Install Guide below.

Step-By-Step install

You have three options:

  1. Download the tarball and serve with any webserver
  2. Download the source code from github and run using nodejs
  3. Run the Docker container

Steps for 1)

  • make sure you have a webserver installed that can serve static files (any webserver like nginx or apache will do)
  • configure a vhost for synapse admin on your webserver
  • download the .tar.gz from the latest release:
  • unpack the .tar.gz
  • move or symlink the synapse-admin-x.x.x into your vhosts root dir
  • open the url of the vhost in your browser

Steps for 2)

  • make sure you have installed the following: git, yarn, nodejs
  • download the source code: git clone
  • change into downloaded directory: cd synapse-admin
  • download dependencies: yarn install
  • start web server: yarn start

You can fix the homeserver, so that the user can no longer define it himself. Either you define it at startup (e.g. REACT_APP_SERVER= yarn start) or by editing it in the .env file. See also the documentation.

Steps for 3)

  • run the Docker container from the public docker registry: docker run -p 8080:80 awesometechnologies/synapse-admin or use the docker-compose.yml: docker-compose up -d

    note: if you're building on an architecture other than amd64 (for example a raspberry pi), make sure to define a maximum ram for node. otherwise the build will fail.

    version: "3"
        container_name: synapse-admin
        hostname: synapse-admin
          # args:
          #   - NODE_OPTIONS="--max_old_space_size=1024"
          #   # see #266
          #   - PUBLIC_URL="/synapse-admin"
          #   - REACT_APP_SERVER=""
          - "8080:80"
        restart: unless-stopped
  • browse to http://localhost:8080




  • Use yarn test to run all style, lint and unit tests
  • Use yarn fix to fix the coding style